A London based Technocrat turned into an Artist!

My name is Madhulika Jindal and originally born and brought up in Delhi, India. No doubt, a true rebel according to my family and close friends because of their traditional beliefs about life and in general. I did Bachelor’s and Masters in Computers Sciences which provided me tremendous opportunities to work in big corporates starting from big techie companies to various banks and regulatory authorities. I enjoy working with them as it allows me to travel and explore the world and meet with wonderful people from all over the world.

I have travelled, worked and lived in India, US, England and Scotland and this has brought a positive influence on my creativity. I enjoy doing art as this is my passion since childhood and I find an immense pleasure and happiness from it which I occasionally miss in  corporate culture. About my art, I am totally in love with it,  I mean literally and figuratively, every bit of it. Right from all of my doodling to serious work of art for commission.

I find Art world AMAZING and it’s a MAGiCAL place to be in! Hope that while browsing my work, you will have a great time and a wonderful experience! So enjoy every bit of it whilst you can :).

If you like, you could be a part of my journey by leaving any comments, suggestions or if you have questions for any custom work!


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